Treat yourself to a Colour Me Beautiful Full Image Consultation

Wow them with a Full Image Consultation

When you know  what your best features are and how to accentuate them, you can look and feel your best –
 every day!

A Full Image Consultation with me, Janet Butler Male, your Personal Stylist will take you through colour, make-up and clothing styles to help you understand what suits you from top to toe.

You will complete the session armed with the tools and the confidence to create your personal style, shop wisely and start building a wardrobe you can enjoy, every day.

     FULL IMAGE  combines Colour Analysis and Style into one amazing consultation, saving you money.  

Approx.  3-4 hours
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Our session will begin with an informal chat. We'll discuss what you want to achieve. No rush!

Then we analyse your unique colouring and you're shown oodles of your best colours, discovering stunning combinations on the way.

You'll simply be amazed at the colour analysis process and wish you had this knowledge years ago.You will know what shades of clothes makeup and makeup to buy. No more indecision

Colour analysis over, it's probably time for a wee breather before we go on to the second part of this exciting and uplifting session - style!

Starting with a fun (and enlightening) Clothes Personality questionnaire, we go on to analyse your body shape, height and scale (don’t worry, no need to undress!) and discuss your best clothing and accessories.

Maybe you have a few (or a lot!) of clothes that do not suit you, or you don't feel good wearing. We can then assess these, in light of the new knowledge.Some will be okay with a simple tweak; a few may be ‘never again’!

In the long run, you'll save a fortune on clothes, makeup and accessories.

AND with the knowledge gained from your Full Image'll never get it ‘wrong’ again!

    I travel to you for free within a ten mile radius of Dunoon. Beyond that there will be a surcharge.

About 3 hours of fabulousness!
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