Your Personal Style Consultation

Go from Eek! to Chic with your Personal Style Consultation

How many times have you simply despaired of what to wear in the morning?

How often have you left the house feeling you ‘hate’ what you are wearing and felt ‘wrong’ all day?

Would you like your clothes to: 

  • Complement your bodyline
  • Suit your height and scale
  • Reflect your personality
  • Enhance your best features
  • Boost your confidence

You are not alone;

Aapparently, 80% of women only wear 20% of their wardrobe!

Don't be one of them - why not feel like a Princess every day, whether at work or play? 

    You can easily start wearing clothes that make you feel your best every day and make you look forward to getting dressed. Instead of dreading it! 

    You can effortlessly know how to find the clothes and accessories that you enjoy and that truly suit you.

    What's not to love?

    You'll finish this fun and enlightening personal style consultation knowing how to shop efficiently and enjoyably for a wardrobe that suits you and your lifestyle. 

    You'll know how to accentuate your favourite and best features and dress in a way that flatters you beautifully.

    You’ll also know what accessories and hairstyle best suit you. Even what style and shape of handbag flatters you!

    You'll save a fortune on shopping with no more annoying and costly mistakes.If you have any clothes that just don't work, you will know why. And it won't be your fault - it will be the clothes' fault!

    Admittedly some may be relegated to the ‘never again’ pile, but there will be others that we will rescue with a simple ‘tweak’.

    Often clients report floating on air at the end of a session.This knowledge is powerful. Never feel overwhelmed or intimidated while shopping ever again!

    And all this is just £89 for a one-to-one session lasting about 90 minutes! 

    I travel to you for free within a ten mile radius of Hunter's Quay. Beyond that there will be a surcharge.

    Want to get started? Contact me here.