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The Last of the Family Diamonds (Izzie Firecracker 1)

Happiness is the Best Revenge...

Within twenty-four hours, three desperate women turn to wacky London therapist, Izzie Firecracker, for help.

One is close to murdering her control-freak greedy husband. Another wants her lentil-obsessed lazy layabout boyfriend out of her house. The third is in danger of dying from sadness and boredom, in and out of the bedroom, following the death of her true love.

Can Izzie help before one of them ends up on trial for murder or loses their mind money or both? 

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Movies, Mothers & Murder (Izzie Firecracker 2)

Meet the mobster terrified of his mom...

Quirky London therapist, Izzie Firecracker, is at a low ebb. She is broke and has to vacate her luxury home and office.

Then her mum dies, leaving a mountain of teddy bears and years of clutter, both emotional and actual. When things cannot get worse, they do...

A beddable businessman summons Izzie to Vegas to run a self-help seminar in his shiny new hotel. However, all that shines is not silk.

Soon after Izzie checks into her luxury suite, she falls into a scary world of gangsters, murder and mayhem. Can Izzie escape back to London alive, or at least in one piece, with her heart intact?

A lighthearted caper where romantic comedy meets romantic suspense.

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Over the Sea to Die (Izzie Firecracker 3)

Is paradise worth dying for?

Izzie, a professional counsellor,  meets a hot Highlander with a problem. A close family friend used to a fun-loving party girl but now spends her days on a windswept rocky shore, Bible in hand.

Eager to help her newfound hunk in a kilt while exploring their budding romance, Izzie agrees to visit his family's Scottish castle to help.

At first, Izzie thinks it's just loneliness and depression. But she soon encounters darker influences, including a crazy ghost and a murderous husband.  Then she and her client receive death threats written in real blood.

What began as a romantic getaway with a slice of professional help on the side becomes a toe-curling (not in a good way) investigation to find out what's going on before one of them winds up feeding the fishies.

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The Christmas Castle Ghost (Izzie Firecracker 4)

It's nearly Christmas...

Izzie Firecracker is dreaming of a hot sexy holiday in Bora Bora when her new husband summons her to the Scottish Highlands.

The family business, a castle hotel on the Isle of Scree, is short on funds and can't turn down a wealthy and glamorous American family who wants the 'Full Scottish Castle Experience' – complete with ghost.

But there is no ghost. Or is there?
And none of the guests is intent on murder or embezzlement? Or are they?

What Izzie presumed would be a quiet Christmas is anything but, and she finds herself in a race against time to save the hotel – and a guest's life. 

The feel-good romantic romp, with a good sprinkling of dark intrigue to spice up the Christmas punch. (A novella of approx. 20,000  words)

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Izzie Firecracker's Meditation Method (Self-Help 1)

Enhance your life, happiness and looks in minutes a day...

Some readers of the Izzie Firecracker novels were disappointed she didn't divulge her fantastic meditation method. Well, here it is, in Izzie's own words, the best thing she knows to avoid that nasty enemy called anxiety. It also gives her clarity of mind and more energy. When she teaches it to her clients, they look younger, and the lines fade from their foreheads...

It's a short book (about 3000 words), but the information is invaluable...
The author learned Transcendental Meditation in the early 1990s and Izzie uses a similar method, based on long-standing Vedic traditions passed down for many generations...

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Kick Anxiety and Live in the Now Self-Help 2

Are you sick of horrid anxiety ruining your life?

Learn how to find your joy and live in the now. This book provides oodles of valuable anxiety-zapping, smile-enhancing, live-in-the-moment tips. The nasty anxiety monster once blighted the author's life, but she now has it under control and locked in a cupboard.

Janet is a Professional Stress Consultant, trained by the British School of Yoga, and long-term meditator. She initially learned Transcendental Meditation in the 1990s but now teaches clients her Miracle Meditation technique....

The simple method is in this book, along with Janet's favourite and most effective anxiety-kicking, live-in-the-moment tips, gleaned from over thirty years of research and experience. All delivered in the lighthearted and chatty style her clients love and appreciate.

It's a quick but informative read of just over 12,000 words. There is no time like the present - as you're about to discover!

PS. If you've read Izzie Firecracker's Meditation Method (Self-Help Series, Volume 1), Janet's method is similar - what a coincidence - but this book explains in more detail. 

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Kick Anxiety

Scarlett King & the Guru (Reluctant Time Traveller #1)

Scarlett King has been engaged to money-mad Peregrine Pratt for six years. When he asks her to move to spooky Mystic Manor her intuition screams NO. But Peregrine always gets his way…

Within hours, Scarlett discovers the house has a knife-wielding, false-teeth-clicking, crazy ghost. It’s the final nail in the relationship coffin. She flees to a Find Yourself seminar and falls in instant lust with the heart-stopping handsome course leader…

When the hot hunk asks Scarlett to join him on a risky time-travel journey to a star-studded 1976 party, she isn’t sure if the attraction is mutual or if he’s using her. And would he persuade her if he resembled Quasimodo, not Casanova?

Will Scarlett find true love...
or untold danger, possibly death?

A novella

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Scarlett King & the Ghost (Reluctant Time Traveller #1)

Scarlett King, newly married to her dream man, moves into her dream house.

Within days she meets Fleur, a beautiful teenage ghost, trapped in the dilapidated ballroom since 1946...

Fleur is unhappy due to lost love. When she finds her mum haunts the scary house next door, she's desperate to see her, but can't leave her prison of seventy years.  

Bad things had happened to good people who shouldn't have suffered. And the ballroom is about to be knocked down and rebuilt. What will happen to Fleur?...

Should Scarlett and her husband, with the help of their terminally happy Indian guru friend, visit 1946 England and 1951 Hollywood to help, or should they leave well alone?

A novella of approx. 21,000 words

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Angela's Lashes (Witches of London 1)

A fun, modern, romantic fairy tale for the Young at Heart who believe in magic...

An average young woman meets a rich, privileged young man, but the man's evil mother thwarts their love.

Then the young woman discovers she's a witch, and the fun -- and magic -- begins.

A novelette of just over 10,000 words

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The Lie, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Witches of London 2)

Magic Speaks Louder Than Words

Newbie witch Angela is flying high. Her London business, Angela's Lashes, is going well, and she's soon to  marry her beloved Bertie.

But the Enchanted Oval Council throws a nasty spanner in the works. They order her to seduce Epoch Thrasher, a power-crazy politician and head of the Brexodus Party. Mission — to divert his attention and stop him becoming Prime Minister.

Can Angela save the world? And, more importantly, her relationship?

Add lashings of romance, a murder, a sassy Siamese cat, and a pink poodle into the cauldron and abracadabra  — a fast-paced fun novelette.

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Broomstruck (Witches of London 3)

Ex-witch, Hattie, has a BIG problem...

...Her horrid husband has controlled her for over twenty years

Since he stole her money and magic one horrible Halloween, he treats her like a slave. 

When she's at her wit's end, hope arrives in the form of a hunky horror writer she has secretly loved for years. 

Can he, a master-plotter, help Hattie get her magic back? Is the attraction mutual? Will her greedy husband get his just desserts? And not just his favourite spotted dick and custard. 

If you enjoy reading about romance, magic, and second chances you'll love this fun novelette.

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The Lost Duchess (Edwardian Dramedy 1)

London, 1907. About teatime.

The Duke of Dalby is frantic. The duchess's carriage has returned without her. But the footman and coachman swear she was in it when they left Madame Fifi of Mayfair in the brougham.

Where can she be? What can have happened?

When an unpleasant letter arrives, the duke is in a race against time to save his beloved. 

A tongue-in-cheek Edwardian mystery short story of just under 6000 words. Perfect for a quick, fun escape.

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The Emancipation of Emily (Edwardian Dramedy #2)

Emily is bored, bored, bored with her middle-class marriage. She wants to smash down the walls of convention, or at least break a window.

Her husband doesn't understand; After all, she has her exciting At Homes to preside over. Who wouldn't be thrilled with deadly dull gossip over the cucumber sandwiches?

When Emily gets two exciting and tempting offers one day, she doesn't know which to choose:

Both could lead to freedom.

Both have elements of danger.

What is a respectable married lady to do?

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