Witches of London 3-Book Series Romantic comedy meets magic...

Angela's Lashes -- Witches of London 1

In a  London supermarket, Angela and Bertie fall in lust across the aisles...

And soon plan to walk down a wedding aisle...

BUT, Bertie's snobby mother blackmails Angela into ending the relationship.

Worried her beloved dad could go to prison, Angela complies. 

Heartbroken, she is amazed (and a little scared) when a long-lost aunt turns up and informs her she's a witch. 

Can Angela out-witch Bertie's mum?

A fun novelette of just over 10,000 words.

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The Lie, the Witch and the Wardrobe Witches of London 2

Magic Speaks Louder Than Words...

Newbie witch Angela is flying high. Her London business, Angela's Lashes, is going well, and she's soon to  marry her beloved Bertie.

But the Enchanted Oval Council throws a nasty spanner in the works. They order her to seduce Epoch Thrasher, a power-crazy politician and head of the Brexodus Party. Mission — to divert his attention and stop him becoming Prime Minister.

Can Angela save the world? And, more importantly, her relationship?

Add lashings of romance, a murder, a sassy Siamese cat, and a pink poodle into the cauldron and abracadabra  — a fast-paced fun novelette.

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Broomstruck -- Witches of London 3

Ex-witch, Hattie, has a BIG problem...

...Her horrid husband has controlled her for over twenty years

Since he stole her money and magic one horrible Halloween, he treats her like a slave. 

When she's at her wit's end, hope arrives in the form of a hunky horror writer she has secretly loved for years. 

Can he, a master-plotter, help Hattie get her magic back? Is the attraction mutual? Will her greedy husband get his just desserts? And not just his favourite spotted dick and custard. 

If you enjoy reading about romance, magic, and second chances you'll love this fun novelette.

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