A Touch of Magic...

A Touch of Magic

Awful Wedded Husbands (Standalone in the Touch of Magic Series)

Have you ever been trapped with the wrong man?

Lexi is. She blew it when she married dull Gary Blewitt.
Her job at the bank is more fun than home life. 
Daily, she dreams of a more exciting man and career.
Then both come along at once, like buses. 
But her insanely jealous husband, one murderous mother-in-law, and various other obstacles abound.
Will Lexi get the life she craves?
Or is she doomed to a life of baked beans and boredom?

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Walkies, Darling! (Standalone in the Touch of Magic Series)

She is passionate about her husband. Passionate with hatred.

Dog-lover Evie Snide wants out of her miserable marriage and her starring role as a doormat. Her only gleam of light is her darling rescue greyhound. And a  recent encounter with a handsome American – but what would he want with a drab fortyish frump?

When Evie sounds desperate on the phone, her best friend manipulates Mr Snide away and rushes to the rescue. With the help of Evie's mysterious neighbour, can she make Evie's future brighter?

Or has Evie slid too far down the slope of sadness to escape and find love?

If you enjoy zany romantic comedies with a touch of magic, you'll love Janet Butler Male's novelette.

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Can the Cat Save Christmas? (not part of the series but has a touch of magic)

In London, just before Christmas, Clara is smug about her perfect life and relationship...

But the illusion melts faster than a snowman in the rain. Devastated, Clara flees to the Isle of Skye to lick her wounds.

There, far from festive cheer, she experiences festive drear.

As Clara falls deeper into the doldrums of despair, can a furry friend help?

Because she has given up men. And not just for Christmas.

A festive tale (tail?) of about 5000 words

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