Standalone Fiction

Awful Wedded Husbands

Have you ever been trapped with the wrong man?

Lexi is. She blew it when she married dull Gary Blewitt.
Her job at the bank is more fun than home life. 
Daily, she dreams of a more exciting man and career.
Then both come along at once, like buses. 
But her insanely jealous husband, one murderous mother-in-law, and various other obstacles abound.
Will Lexi get the life she craves?
Or is she doomed to a life of baked beans and boredom?

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I Can't Go Back to Maplethorpe

Gillian Miller wants to escape dreary Maplethorpe...

...With a forced smile, she helps her widowed dad in his WW2-themed cafe. 
She likes the elderly, eccentric clients but longs for the bright lights, big city.
And a hunky man, slim of waist, fat of wallet.
When her dad weds a busty barmaid, Gillian is free to hop a fast train to London.
Will the streets be paved with handsome, rich bachelors?
Or are Gillian's dreams as airy as candy floss?
A fast-paced 1980s rom-com of just under 8000 words.

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Lady Adelia's Secret

Lady Adelia Audley lives a repressed life, ruled with a rod of iron by a strict father and a prim governess. But she's a sunny girl who rises above the gloom, helped by a few illicit romance novels.

One day she overhears her parents discussing her future husband in a planned marriage -- Cyril. 

A starry-eyed soul, 'Cyril' sounds unromantic to Adelia. So she focuses her dreams onto a beautiful gipsy she meets in the woods. 

What will happen when Adelia has her Come Out in London?

Will she succumb to her parents' plans, or will true love win the day?


An escapist fast-paced novella of approx. 24,000 words.

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