Janet Butler Male

Welcome to my online home. Come on in. Biscuit? Coffee? Glass of bubbly?

Hello. Janet here, writer extraordinaire.  Haha!  As my old dad said, self-praise is no recommendation.  It's up to you, my lovely readers, to decide.  

  Born in Liverpool, I spent many (wild and fun) years in London but now live on the soggy but beautiful west coast of Scotland with my third husband.  After many years as a stress consultant and personal stylist, I now pen novels and self-help books. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them.

If you were trying to find me in my older persona, I still have occasionally available appointments for stress management and/or image sessions.

And, to keep me in ink for my quill I also have an eBay shop, The Treat Emporium.

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