Standalone Romantic Comedies

A Few Weddings and a Funeral (A Novel)

Since my bossy husband retired, I’m on Valium to avoid killing him.

I must sort my life out - but my darling daughter comes first. On the rebound, she married a wealthy and much older man. When I discover a dark hold he has over her, my maternal instinct goes into overdrive.

What to do?

My mind flits to a holiday in St Lucia when a beautiful seductress stole my best mate’s husband. To her delight, she escaped a terrible marriage and a nasty prenup.

Thirty-odd years later, that same seductress sashays into my local cafe, boobs first.

Could this well-preserved beauty steal my daughter’s husband and leave her free to love again? And have a knock-on effect leaving me free to live my dream life? 

Otherwise, I fear it’s too late for true happiness.

With a combination of romantic comedy and intrigue, A Few Weddings and a Funeral will keep you guessing until the very end.

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Lady Adelia's Secret (A Novella)

Lady Adelia Audley lives a repressed life, ruled with a rod of iron by a strict father and a prim governess. But she's a sunny girl who rises above the gloom, helped by a few illicit romance novels.

One day she overhears her parents discussing her future husband in a planned marriage -- Cyril. 

A starry-eyed soul, 'Cyril' sounds unromantic to Adelia. So she focuses her dreams onto a beautiful gipsy she meets in the woods. 

What will happen when Adelia has her Come Out in London?

Will she succumb to her parents' plans, or will true love win the day?

Don't miss out on the yesteryear fun...

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Can the Cat Save Christmas? (A Short Story)

In London, just before Christmas, Clara is smug about her perfect life and relationship...

But the illusion melts faster than a snowman in the rain. Devastated, Clara flees to the Isle of Skye to lick her wounds.

There, far from festive cheer, she experiences festive drear.

As Clara falls deeper into the doldrums of despair, can a furry friend help?

Because she has given up men. And not just for Christmas.

A festive tale (tail?) of about 5000 words

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