Midlife Magic in Moondip Series Funny Paranormal Fiction

The Grimoire Girls (Book #1)

Magic got them into a mess. Can it get them out of it?

Forty-ish  Layney has a safe and boring life but is spookily content.

But when her teenage daughter goes from meek and mild to rude and wild, Layney remembers Gran bewitched them to keep them safe. 

With the spell-tinted spectacles removed, Layney longs for her Highland hunk - the unrequited love of her younger years.

After a terrible row with her husband, she plans to escape to Scotland with her daughter. But before hitting the road, a solicitor informs Layney that her Gran is dead and has left her a bookshop in the magical village of Moondip.

She also inherits a murder, and Layney might be the next victim.

With the help of a cheeky talking cat, she's in a race against time to solve a murder, save a life and rekindle a dead relationship.

Read The Grimoire Girls to help solve a mystery and save a romance today.

The Grimoire Girls Again (Book #2)

Newbie witch Layney Grimoire doesn't want a customer to drop dead on Spellbound Books and Bakes' opening day.

Nor does she want to time travel to a rock concert in 1975 Liverpool to help solve the crime. 

Or decide she doesn't wish to marry the hunky love of her life. Or flee gorgeous Moondip on the glorious west coast of Scotland.

Is someone out to sabotage her happiness, or is she doing it alone?

With the help of her teenage daughter, a friendly ghost and a talking cat, will Layney solve her problems and the murder? 

If you enjoy lighthearted, paranormal mysteries brushed with romance, you'll love this second Midlife Magic in Moondip novel.

Read The Grimoire Girls Again and join Layney on her zany, romantic adventures

Book 3 Coming Soon!


The Grimoire Girls' Regency Adventure (Book #1)

As witch Layney Grimoire reads a Regency novel in bed with her fiance, she couldn’t be happier...
Until a cry for help from a damsel in distress screams from its pages.

Soon, she, her teenage daughter and their cheeky talking cat travel from modern-day Scotland to 1818 England to rescue a young lady trapped in an arranged marriage to an old, smelly and nasty duke.

It’s written on the wind that if the rescue mission fails, Layney’s daughter will wed the duke’s demonic descendant.

With a touch of romance and a dash of mystery, The Grimoire Girls' Regency Adventure is a lighthearted Paranormal Women's Fiction novella that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Buy The Grimoire Girls’ Regency Adventure today and join Layney, her teenage daughter and their talking cat on a fun but fraught trip to the past.