Scarlett King's Romantic Adventures (A fun time-travel series)

Scarlett King's Romantic Adventures

Time-Travel Guru #1 (novella)

She’s about to find more than just herself...

When Scarlett's bossy fiancé of six years asks her to move to spooky Mystic Manor, her intuition screams no. But he always gets his way. Unwillingly ensconced in the new house, she discovers a not-so-friendly ghost.

It's the final nail in the relationship coffin and Scarlett flees to a Find Yourself seminar. There, the heart-stopping handsome course leader is the perfect balm for her wounded heart. But he asks Scarlett to join him on a risky time-travel journey. 

Mission? To rescue a renowned Indian guru from the clutches of money-mad mobsters.

Can Scarlett believe the crazy time-travel story, or is it a corny chat-up line? But maybe she should cast doubt aside, and risk all in the name of love.

Not all that glitters is groovy in this romantic comedy which is totally far out.

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Time-Travel Ghost #2 (novella)

She visits 1940s England to rescue someone from a grizzly demise.
But first, there's time to buy a lipstick and partake of tea and iced buns.

Scarlett King moves into her dream house with her dream man. However, the euphoria is short-lived when she encounters Fleur, a pretty ghost pining lost love.

To free the ghost's spirit, Scarlett must discover what happened to Fleur's beloved fiancé.  And, worse, uncover the details of a murder in the house next door.

Should Scarlett risk her own life to save a ghost?

If you enjoy fast-paced romantic comedies sprinkled with mystery and suspense, you'll love Time-Travel Ghost.

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Time-Travel Gipsy #3 (novella)

She visits 1960s Liverpool to solve a murder, save a romance…
And do a spot of shopping.

Content with her new house and husband, Scarlett is enjoying life. Until she discovers her aunt has died after years in a mental hospital pining a lost love. 

Fate hands Scarlett a chance to return to 1960s Liverpool, change history and save her aunt from a life of misery and her former gipsy boyfriend from death. 

The good news is Scarlett's husband will accompany her. The bad news is that murder is involved. 

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Time-Travel Halloween #4 (short story)

When a client dies on All Hallows Eve, Scarlett thinks it was murder...

And the client was killed by her new money-grabbing younger husband.

Fate hands Scarlett a chance to step back in time and investigate and perhaps save the client in the nick of time.

Or is it just a wild and dangerous ghost chase?

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Time-Travel Christmas #5 (novella)

She nips to modern-day London for a spot of Christmas shopping.  
And ends up in 1958.

Scarlett visits Oxford Street to soak up the festive atmosphere, buy gifts, drink coffees and eat pastries.  There, she meets Maisie, an elderly homeless woman who regales the tragic tale of how she was imprisoned for a murder she didn't commit.

Soon, Scarlett and her hunky husband are in December 1958 to avert a tragedy, armed only with mince pies and Christmas cake. 

If they fail, Maisie will spend thirty years in prison, miss out on marriage, and an innocent victim will die.

If you enjoy romantic comedies brushed with mystery and suspense, you'll love this heartwarming Christmas story.

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Time-Travel Baby #6 (novella)

At last, she’s pregnant. But there’s a tiny snag…
She must give birth in 1959 - and there’s a BIG chance she won’t return to 2020.

Scarlett hopes her time-travel days are behind her. She wants to cosy up with her gorgeous husband and look forward to their first baby.

But fate has other plans, and she soon finds herself in 1959 -- alone.

Worried she may never see her husband again, she keeps busy with vintage shopping sprees. And eating for two. While buying a coat, she meets a pregnant teenager whose mum’s horrid boyfriend wants her to have the baby adopted.

Scarlett invites the youngster to live with her, and the danger, intrigue (and fun) escalate.

Despite Scarlett’s bravado, she’s terrified she’ll be stuck in 1959 as a single mother without her beloved husband. Because kissing a pillow and calling it darling is no substitute for the real thing.

If you enjoy romantic comedy brushed with magic, you’ll love Time-Travel Baby.

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