Miracle Meditation

Learn Miracle Meditation and watch your life improve!

Would you like the following benefits?

  • To look and feel your best?
  • To do less and achieve more
  • Your days to run more smoothly?
  • To feel as relaxed as you do on holiday - every day?

You can with the  meditation miracle!
Janet's effortless and yet supremely effective meditation technique

You will constantly hear Jan 'bang on'  about the incredible benefits that meditation can bring to your life. It puts you in control and enables you to achieve what you want from life, more easily and efficiently, and with a lot less stress!

  In the past, I have had a few clients who were initially resistant to the idea of meditating. These turned out to be the few who made slow progress in our sessions.  

  I told them that the reason they weren’t progressing and improving was that they weren’t renewing and freshening their minds. They were just going round and round in circles with the same old stuff.   

Whenever I introduce the ‘meditation’ word people often look at me in horror and exclaim “Oh, I could never do that” or “I’m not the sort of person who meditates”...

But, I’ve got good news for you.

I have never taught it to anyone who still believed these things once they had learnt.

Instead, they say things like

“I can’t believe how easy it is and how good I feel!”

When they learn to meditate, they are amazed at how much better they feel IMMEDIATELY and how their lives improve in leaps and bounds.

At 'You Are Gorgeous!', we’ve developed an amazingly powerful meditation technique - The POWER Method© Relaxation Miracle, which will be the springboard to your fabulous new life! It can enable you to achieve your goals, whatever they are.



‘Once upon a time‘ many years ago I wanted to know how to meditate. I perused endless books, went on numerous courses, but none of them seemed to work. I kept getting more stressed! All the methods involved ‘emptying the mind' or 'not thinking' or to actively imagine something.

In short, they all required too much effort, and I instinctively felt that the ’right’ meditation should be comfortable and enjoyable...

I would be sitting there feeling I’d been meditating for at least fifteen minutes - and only one measly minute would have passed!

I reached the disappointing conclusion that many would-be-meditators do; that “I just can't do it“.

Finally, I discovered a method that was amazingly easy and straightforward - and stunningly effective that evolved into The POWER Method© meditation that we teach, I have refined it over the years and taught it to many people, whose lives have improved dramatically...

MEDITATION is THE ‘Master Key' to enhanced health, wealth, happiness and well-being

After just one session, I went from feeling stressed and anxious to light-hearted and relaxed; from tired to brimming with energy.

Tasks that had seemed insurmountable the day before suddenly seemed effortless. I could see everything with such clarity...

No longer was I too tired to properly enjoy the evening after a day at work. I had the energy and enthusiasm of an eight-year-old on his or her school holiday! I certainly no longer needed that glass of wine to ‘relax’. My mind was so clear and my system was becoming so pure, that instead of being able to drink half a bottle with dinner, I could only manage one small glass.

I have heard the same from ex-smokers. They’ve told me that they didn’t even try to give up. They just found themselves automatically not craving a cigarette. One person said to me “I suddenly realised it had been two days since I’d even thought about smoking!”

Another fantastic bonus was my new super-efficiency. After having to stay at the office until at least eight p.m. to get everything done, I was finishing by mid-afternoon and going home early - what a difference...

The result of a more coherent and organised mind. I wondered what on earth I had been playing at before!

Instead of being pleased because a day went well, I started to be amazed when, very occasionally, a day did not go as smoothly as usual, and that was normally one of the very rare days I’d omitted my relaxation miracle.

I even looked younger and so can you!

For me, not to meditate daily would be the equivalent of knowing I had a million pounds in the bank, but choosing to scrimp and save instead.

For me,  the difference between hardship and ease!

  If you want to experience these wonderful benefits for yourself, learn Miracle Meditation from me, Janet Butler Male...
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