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» Listings for November 2021

  1. Greetings from Bonnie Scotland, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you...

    Despite living in the UK, I always get caught up in the excitement. I have something special for you - whatever you’re celebrating today - book one in my latest series, Milly’s Magical Midlife, is FREE for a few days.

    But be careful - this cute Siamese cat has her eye on your turkey.

    Here’s the blurb for Baking and Entering...

    A sassy-mouthed cat. A vengeful ghost. Can a recent divorcee solve a magical mystery before she joins the deceased?

    Forty-year-old Milly Miller's life is dull. Her marriage is passion-free, and her shoeshop job is 'sole' destroying. When she and her husband separate, Milly longs for excitement and glamour. But on her paltry wages, her life is more orthopaedic sandals than designer heels.

    On divorce day, she inherits a fortune and a posh London pad. Her luck has changed, and Milly hotfoots it to the capital.

    She couldn't be happier in her new home with its fun and zany neighbours. Until she discovers a resident ghost who claims someone murdered her. And that she's a witch. Suspected weapon? Baked goods laced with magical vanilla essence.

    The ghost asks Milly to investigate with the help 200-year-old Siamese cat with a sassy tongue.

    A prime suspect is the ghost's hunky son, who Milly falls for. But in a twist of fate, if the son is innocent, Milly must return her fortune. And if he's guilty, she'll lose out on love.

    If you enjoy zany comedies with plenty of magical mystery and a dash of romance, you'll love Baking and Entering...

    And here are the links to the next two books in this zany series...



    Having spent lots of time writing over the last few years I’m trying to catch up on that little thing called life.

    However, I’m slowly writing book six of Scarlett King’s Time-Travel Adventures. It’s a tricky situation for Scarlett who must visit 1959 to give birth to her longed-for baby. Why? Watch this space.


    Last but not least, here are some more freebie ebooks for you. It’s a great way to discover new-to-you indie writers.  Click the pics to browse.


    Thanks for taking the time to read this newletter, and I hope you enjoyed it. I'll be in touch nearer Christmas with some lovely offers for you.

    Stay well and happy.

    Janet xx


  2. 11th of November already! How did that happen?

    I have some super offers for you...

    My lighthearted books follow a theme - women breaking free from controlling relationships and/or finding their lost mojos.

    Although my Feisty Females of Yesteryear series is set way in the past (no s**t, Sherlock), human nature doesn’t change. We all want to be happy with the freedom to be our authentic selves...

    So, without further ado, here are two historical freebies and one bargain book for you. Act fast as the offers are valid for a few days only....

    Lady Adelia's Secret (Discounted to 99 pennies on Amazon UK and USA)


    And I and other indie writers grouped together via Story Origin to offer you a smorgasbord of free delights. It’s a great way to find new writers. I love it!

    Click the following pics to enter the freebie libraries where you can talk as loud as you like...


    Stay tuned for an extra-special offer later this month.

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    Best wishes.

    Janet xx