Book Bargains & Mothers-in-Law

Sitting in bed drinking PG Tips tea earlier this week, I recalled my two mothers-in-law and how they were the same, but different.

The first had big blue eyes. As did my second. And they both had control-freak husbands.

Almost the entire existence of my first mother-in-law was dictated by her husband. When they married, he handed her his mother’s weekly menu and said, ‘That’s what I want for dinner every night.'

And she replied, 'Yes, love.'

He was mild-mannered, but what he said went. But they needed extra money, so she had to work. And I believe the friendly chat in the biscuit factory kept her sane and happy. I’ve never known a woman quicker to giggle, and I was fond of her.

I also liked my second mother-in-law. She and her husband came from wealthy backgrounds, and from the honeymoon onwards, he controlled her like a sergeant major...

When I met her, she almost lived on depression pills and champagne. She had no job or hobbies, and whenever she tried to do anything productive, her husband thwarted her.

I often thought mother-in-law two would have been happier if she’d had to work - like most of us!

Where am I going with this? Ah, yes, my first book, The Last of the Family Diamonds, a relationship comedy, is about three women with control-freak husbands who visit therapist Izzie Firecracker for help. 

Anyway, that and its three follow-ups are reduced to 99 pennies on Amazon UK and USA, for a few days....

The Last of the Family Diamonds

Movies, Mothers and Murder

Over the Sea to Die

The Christmas Castle Ghost

Hurry, as the bargain prices end in a few days.

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