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  1. I hope life is treating you well, and the sun is shining. 

    Today I have freebies, an offer, and a new release for you...

    Most of my books have magical or supernatural elements. So I decided to go all out (or all in!) and write a lighthearted paranormal cosy mystery with a sweet splash of romance...


    Baking and Entering, numero uno in my new Milly’s Magical Midlife series, is set in 1980s London, and here’s the blurb…

    A  sassy-mouthed cat. A vengeful ghost. Can a recent divorcee solve a magical mystery before she joins the deceased?

    Forty-year-old Milly's life is dull. Her marriage is passion-free, and her shoeshop job is 'sole' destroying. When she and her husband separate, Milly longs for excitement and glamour. But on her paltry wages, her life is more orthopaedic sandals than designer heels...

    But on divorce day, she inherits a fortune and a posh London pad. Thrilled, she hotfoots it to the capital.

    Milly couldn't be happier in her new home with its zany young neighbours. Until she discovers a resident ghost, who claims someone murdered her. Suspected weapon? Baked goods laced with magical vanilla essence.

     The ghost asks Milly to investigate with the help of a 200-year-old Siamese cat with a sassy tongue.

    A prime suspect is the ghost's hunky son, who Milly falls for.  And in a twist of fate, if the son is innocent, Milly must return her fortune. And if he's guilty, she'll lose out on love. 

    If you enjoy paranormal comedies with plenty of magical mystery and a dash of romance, you'll love Baking and Entering.

    Click here to buy Baking and Entering or read for Free via Kindle Unlimited.

    Continuing the magical theme, I also have a freebie and a bargain for you this month. They are both in my Touch of Magic series of standalone romantic comedies...

    The freebie is Walkies, Darling!

    And Awful Wedded Husbands is reduced to 99 cents and 99p in USA and UK respectively. For some reason, Amazon doesn't do countdown deals outside these locations. Although the Walkies, Darling! freebie should be on all Amazon sites!

    The Touch of Magic offers are only available for a few days.

    And also don’t miss this Summer of Love freebie bonanza. Click here or the below image for oodles of free reads.

    Wishing you happy days, and I'll blog again soon soon.

    Janet xx