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  1. I hope you are well and happy and enjoying some sunshine. After a dreich wet and windy winter here in Scotland, the sun condescended to pay us a brief but welcome visit a few days ago. It was even warm enough to eat an ice cream cones outdoors without freezing to death. I had three (not at the same time). The welcome visitor has now packed its bags and left. Please, come back soon.

    Just a quick blog update. The second book featuring Scarlett King (Reluctant Time Traveller series) is now available...

    Scarlett seriesinsta

    In book one Scarlett travels to a glitzy party in 1976 in a bid to rescue a famous Indian guru, replaced with an imposter. Oh, and maybe because she's in lust with her travel partner.

    In book two  we meet Fleur, a sweet teenage lovelorn ghost trapped in a condemned, once decadent, ballroom since 1946. Can Scarlett help? If so it means zooming back to 1946 England and 1951Hollywood. Oh, no, not another scary quest for our reluctant time traveller, Scarlett.
    As an introduction to the series, book 1 is, for now, just 99p or equivalent. 

    Bye for now,

    Jan xx