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  1. Just a quicky to say my  Kick Anxiety book is free on Amazon today and tomorrow until the stroke of midnight PST. 
    I used to be a right worrywart, and this book contains my favourite and most effective anxiety-kicking, live-in-the-moment tips, gleaned from over thirty years of research, therapy, and experience. All delivered in a cheerful and chatty style. I hope!
    I’m a Professional Stress Consultant, trained by the British School of Yoga, and long-term meditator. I  learned Transcendental Meditation in the 1990s but now practice and teach Miracle Meditation, based on a Vedic technique dating back to ancient times, and the method is in this book. 
    Toodle pip for now,
    Wishing you joy and fun,
    Jan xx


  2. CC-2019-2-8-13-3842-BBimage

    If you're like me and becoming a bit of a Bah Humbug as Christmas approaches this post might annoy you.

    However, you also might enjoy a very late Christmas 2108 gift or a stupidly early 2019 gift...
    The ebook version of The Christmas Castle Ghost (Izzie Firecracker 4) is FREE on Amazon until

    March 11th...

    Be afraid, be very afraid, 

    Well, maybe a bit scared - it's a tad tongue-in-cheek...

    Nab it on Amazon

  3. doris-day-401256_640

    I read  The Thing About Jane Spring, by Sharon Krum, years ago, in bed recovering from a tummy bug, and it cheered me immensely. It’s an escapist tongue-in-cheek romp, with a deeper message.

    Here’s a brief synopsis...

    Jane Spring was raised by her father, a general. Punishment for disobedience was press-ups.

    Consequently, Jane, a lawyer, is a little regimented (understatement). She dresses like a man and never wears make-up. She can take orders, but she also gives them -- a lot! Potential suitors head for the hills and Jane can't figure out why

    One day she's confined to barracks, so to speak, during a blizzard. She watches some Doris Day re-runs and notices how Doris always gets her man. So Jane thinks that if she could be more like Doris...

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