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    Where does the time go? 
    It's been a little frantic here - the hubby was silly enough to get a detached retina.  All mended. Phew!
    But I was on nurse duty for quite a while, actually more like a maid.
    'Is the kettle on?'
    'When is lunch?'
    'Is it coffee time?'
    You get the idea. 
    Anyway, I'm sure you don't have masses of time, either, so this is  a quick update to say I plan to release Over the Sea to Die, Izzie Firecracker 3, 
    in September. 
    Clue - it is set on a remote Scottish island, and there is at least one hunky Highlander.
    It's somewhere between a rom-com and tongue-in-cheek romantic suspense. 
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    See you soon.
    Have fun!
    PS. If you haven't read it, the first in the Izzie Firecracker trilogy; Izzie Firecracker and the Last of the Family Diamonds is currently just 99p.