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A New Release and a Freebie

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I hope your September is going well. Mine is, but I can’t believe how the year is speeding along. 

Yesterday I went to Glasgow to buy an outfit for a wedding later this month but tried to avert my eyes from Christmas cards, etc.  My mind is still in summer mode, but the calendar says Autumn looms. 

Did I find an outfit? Yes! A 1960s style above-the-knee black and white dress, a black hat,  black suede boots, and a white handbag. Very Mary Quant. The dress is rather tight, so I must curb my chocolate and scone obsession for a while. Sob. But I will eat plenty of cake at the wedding reception to make up for the deprivations. 

I have news of a new release and a freebie for you...

The new release is The Emancipation of Emily:

 A  standalone read, it’s the second in my Edwardian Dramedy series. It’s a romantic comedy with elements of mystery. At the moment it’s only 99p or your country’s equivalent. Or read it via Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s the blurb…

Emily is bored, bored, bored with her middle-class marriage. She wants to smash down the walls of convention, or at least break a window.

Her husband doesn't understand. After all, she has her exciting At Homes to preside over. Who wouldn’t enjoy deadly dull gossip over the cucumber sandwiches?

When Emily gets two exciting and tempting offers in one day, she doesn't know which to choose:

Both could lead to freedom.

Both have elements of danger.

What is a respectable married woman to do?

If the above whets your appetite for a fun foray to yesteryear, the first in the series, The Lost Duchess, a mystery/rom-com, is free on Amazon all day tomorrow — Sunday 15th September, Pacific time.  

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous weekend,

Bye for now,

Janet xx

PS. For now, all my books are available via Kindle Unlimited. Apart from Izzie Firecracker’s Meditation Method, which is free.

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