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Blurb for Izzie Firecracker & the last of the family diamonds

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Hello, I hope all is going well for you. If you need a bit of a lift, my new novel might be just what you need. Blurb and video link is below book cover pic. Thanks!


Below is the written blurb, or if you prefer me to read it to you, scroll down for the video link. Cheers! 

A funny and uplifting treat of a book, mainly set in a decadent 1980's and 1990's London. It includes romance and intrigue, with a sprinkling of self-help. 

Martha imagines bumping off her husband, Carlotta wants to get rid of her lentil-obsessed lazy layabout boyfriend, and Posh Portia of Chelsea is dying of sadness and boredom...in and out of the bedroom.

The three women are sick of their mundane lives and yearn for new more exciting ones, fast - before one of them ends up on trial for murder! They've lost their joie de vivre and given away their power: Trapped, depressed and deflated they reach their breaking points.

Can Izzie Firecracker, founder of the Second Chance Club in Mayfair help change their lives forever? Will they get their power back and find love? Join the trio on their fun, enlightening journey and find out. Where do ‘family diamonds’ come into the story? That's a sparkling secret.

If you're dreaming of a new life, Izzie Firecracker and the last of the family diamonds is a perfect pick-me-up. 

Izzie intro youtube. Please share with your friends if you enjoy it! 


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