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Have you ever tried Kettlewell Clothing?  I hadn't until recently.  But as a Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist, trained by Colour Me Beautiful, I decided it was high time I did!
So about two weeks ago I partnered with them and ordered a selection of their clothes and scarves.kettlewell
Oh, WOW!  I was and am so impressed.  The colours are yummy, and there is such a big selection.  And the styling is superb.
Even a basic scoop neck 3/4 sleeve T almost left me open-mouthed.  It was simply perfect. The cut and the colour.  
The image on this page shows the autumn/winter version of it (more shades available). Isn't it elegant?
The jersey scarves are divine, not too bulky and drape beautifully.
And the draped short sleeve top was given a major thumbs up by the hubby.
"You have to buy more of these clothes' he said 'they are fantastic.'
And that's before I even get started on the flattering fits of the skirts, trousers and leggings
The excellent news for you is that if you order through me, you get 5% off and free postage.  AND as a fully trained image and colour consultant, the 'deal' will also include some free tips of what colours and styles from the range will flatter you best.  If you prefer to order on your own, just quote my name 'Janet Male' when ordering for 5% discount. (However this  latter method will not include the free postage or the free tips from me. Also, any subsequent orders you place in this way will not include the discount)
 I bet you are looking forward to seeing the range.  Here it is, Kettlewell Colours
And if you want to order through me, for free tips, 5% off and free post just contact me to find out more.  
Happy browsing and see you soon! 

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