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  1. Free and Bargain Romcom Books for You

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     I have some goodies for you...

    Writers fall into the plotter or pantser category - or a hybrid of the two. 'Plotter' is self-explanatory - write the plot first. But a 'pantser' writes by the seat of their pants. I’m a born pantser, literally can’t plot to save my life (I've tried!) So I usually start writing with no more than a vague idea...

    My ‘vague idea’ for Time-Travel Guru was...

    Scarlett King is sick of her controlling fiance of six years. After a relationship last straw, she flees to a self-help seminar and falls for hunky course leader. That was my 'plot' in a tiny nutshell. 

    The ensuing time-travel element was as much of a surprise to me as it was to Scarlett. And she and the hunky guru go on a rescue mission - to a star-studded party in1976. This book became the first novella of Scarlett King's Time-Travel Adventures series.

    Book 5 of this series, Time-Travel Christmas is FREE until this Friday. Join Scarlett and Gabriel on a fun, romantic, slightly dangerous 1950s Christmas trip in jolly old England.

    Also, Time-Travel Halloween (a short story and 4th in the series) is FREE for the same period. 

    The above can be read as standalones but if you prefer to read the earlier books first they are currently reduced in price...

    Time-Travel Guru, Time-Travel Ghost and Time-Travel Gipsy are on countdown deals on Amazon.com and Amazon UK for only 99 cents and 99p until this Saturday.

    Enjoy your zany and romantic trips to the past - but make sure you return to the present day!


    Also, here are some book promotions for you. The Christmas in July promo is festive-themed freebies, and Into the Magic is bargain books with magical elements. Just click the pics and enjoy a browse....


    Stay happy!

    Jan xx

  2. Are you delisting your wide eBooks to join KDP Select? Here's a tip.

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    As a writer, I am in and out of KDP Select like a yo-yo -- have been since I published my first book, The Last of the Family Diamonds, two years ago. It's the first in the Izzie Firecracker 4-book series -- just typed '44' by mistake. I wish.Izzie13d

    KDP Select is the author-side-of-the-coin name for Kindle Unlimited, Amazon's paid library (sort of). You pay £7.99 (I believe $9.99 in the USA) to consume as many books as you can eat. Writers in the scheme get paid by page reads.

    The downside for writers is our books must be exclusive to Amazon for each 90-day term with no more than a 10% sample elsewhere. This rule is just for eBooks -- we can sell our audio and print versions of books enrolled in KDP Select as wide as we like.

    About to make my ebooks exclusive to Amazon (again) I pressed the 'delist ' button on Draft2Digital* (D2D) on 6th December -- a week ago.

    Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and others delisted my books within hours. Other places took a few days.

    But I am still waiting on Overdrive -- the online library service. I am slapping my head repeatedly as my books are currently locked in a half-way house -- not allowed into Kindle Unlimited and delisted from Apple etc.  Here's a screenshot taken yesterday (Bibliotheca now delisted)... 


    Note to self -- next time delist from Overdrive (and other slower sites) first and then delist the quick-to-comply sites at the last minute.

    Another lesson learned.

    This self-publish lark is a steep learning curve.

    But will I stop climbing soon?

    Not on your nelly.

    *D2D is an aggregator which uploads to many bookseller sites and online libraries and I can't recommend it highly enough.

    Want your book formatted beautifully for free? D2D is for you.

  3. Cake and Book Descriptions

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    As a self-published writer, I'm often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff to do. Heck, writing books is a stroll in the park (okay I'm exaggerating) compared to finding categories and keywords, covers, and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

    When I uploaded my first book to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), I was horrified to see how awful my description looked. It looked like it had been typed by a drunk spider -- the formatting was dire.

    Then, Dave Chesson came to the rescue on a white horse. No, he didn't, but I found his FREE and excellent Amazon Description Generator on his Kindlepreneur site. Phew, another thing made easier.  Of course, it works for other stuff, not just books.

    That's it for today. It's Sunday, and there is a cake to eat. I made a Victoria sponge and it resembles a ski slope -- not in the same league as the perfect beauties above (courtesy of Pixabay).