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  1. The Last of the Family Daimonds is FREE today!

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    Greetings from sunny Scotland!

    After weeks of life under an upside-down pan, the sun has got its hat on. Here’s a photo I snapped on yesterday’s walk...

    I will ramble on a bit; then it’s on to this month’s offers -- all freebies -- yay!

    The only downside of a sunny day is I never want to do a scrap of work and prefer to languish in the garden with a good book (or three) and copious amounts of tea. I guess if it were sunny most days, the novelty might wear off (Nah!), but here on the west coast of Scotland, it’s manna from heaven. 

    On my walk, everyone, including the dogs, smiled at me. And they usually glare. Only pulling your leg, but the smiles were way wider and in no way forced. Truthfully, I often have to force a smile as I battle my way through horizontal rain. 

    Oh, dear. I’m obviously British as I’m talking about the weather -- again. But funnily enough, I don’t mention it much in my books -- as far as I can recall! We Brits are obsessed with the weather, particularly my husband, who gives many weather bulletins throughout the day - whether I want them or not. See what I did there? 

    What goodies have I got for you this month? Let’s see…

    Oh, yes. Firstly, The Last of the Family Diamonds (first in the Izzie Firecracker series) is FREE until 11.59 pm (PDT) today, Saturday 20th March. It’s mainly set in London, and if you enjoy it, you’ll love the second in the series, Movies, Mothers and Murder, all about Izzie’s zany adventures in Las Vegas.

    Click here or the image below to claim your copy of The Last of the Family Diamonds.

    Also, how about escaping on a virtual spring break -- for free and with no bags to pack?  All the books in the promo are free -- it's a great way to find new writers...

    Click this link or the image below to start on your fun journey.

    Soon, let’s hope, we’ll all be free to actually travel, or stay at home, whatever we wish.  

    Sending you happy vibes -- always.

    Until next time...

    Janet xx



  2. February Feisty Females & Freebies ...

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    Greetings from a chilly Scotland.


    I hope you’re well and happy despite the ongoing situation. By now, I’d have gone crazy without reading and writing. To be honest, I was crazy before, but I’ll grasp any excuse.

    Another thing that’s kept me sane(ish) is meditation. I won’t bang on about it here, but Izzie Firecracker’s Meditation Method is FREE on many online bookseller sites. So, if you fancy a short, sweet and easy method to ease stress, grab it here. It’s a quick read, quick to learn, and easy to do.

    Izzie Firecracker is a wacky therapist, and her crazy escapades comprise The Izzie Firecracker series. The four books are about women under the thumb of manipulative men. Eventually, they regain their mojo and move on, but with hilarious obstacles on the way to success and happiness.

    The first book is mainly set in London, the second in Las Vegas, and books three and four on a Scottish island. 

    A sample of the first Izzie Firecracker book is in a group promo this month. If you fancy a new series, you can dip your toe in for free. To choose your fave, click here or the image below.


    Last but not least, I have fantastic offers for you within the Feisty Females of Yesteryear series. The two Edwardian novelettes are free until 28th February. The Victorian coming-of-age rom-com novella is on a countdown deal to just 99p (or your country’s equivalent). For some reason, known only to Amazon, I can only run countdown deals in the USA and UK. But if you live elsewhere, the two freebies should still be available. 

    The links are below -- the first two are free until Sunday 28th February, and third, on the list, Lady Adelia's Secret is 99p on Amazon UK and 99 cents on Amazon.com (until this Saturday)

    The Emancipation of Emily 

    The Lost Duchess

    Lady Adelia's Secret

    They are obviously set way in the past, but human nature doesn’t change. Again, these books are about women regaining their power or finding it for the first time. 

    Looks like I have a theme going. Who knew? 

    Until next time.

    Happy life and happy reading.

    PS.  Please sign up for my newsletter, so we can keep in touch. Also, you can claim a free book -- if you want it!

  3. Grab your Valentine's Day read. Broomstruck is FREE until Monday 15th January 2021.

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    Ex-witch Hattie has a BIG problem...



    ...Her horrid husband has controlled her for over twenty years.

    Since he stole her money and magic one horrible Halloween, he treats her like a slave. 

    When she's at her wit's end, hope arrives in the form of a hunky horror writer she has secretly loved for years. 

    Can he, a master-plotter, help Hattie get her magic back? Is the attraction mutual? Will her greedy husband get his just desserts? And not just his spotted dick and custard. 

    If you enjoy reading about romance, magic, and second chances, you'll love this romantic comedy

    The third in the Witches of London series, it can also be read as a standalone. 

    Click this link to download your copy.