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  1. FREE ebook - Kick Anxiety

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    Just a quicky to say my  Kick Anxiety book is free on Amazon today and tomorrow until the stroke of midnight PST. 
    I used to be a right worrywart, and this book contains my favourite and most effective anxiety-kicking, live-in-the-moment tips, gleaned from over thirty years of research, therapy, and experience. All delivered in a cheerful and chatty style. I hope!
    I’m a Professional Stress Consultant, trained by the British School of Yoga, and long-term meditator. I  learned Transcendental Meditation in the 1990s but now practice and teach Miracle Meditation, based on a Vedic technique dating back to ancient times, and the method is in this book. 
    Toodle pip for now,
    Wishing you joy and fun,
    Jan xx


  2. A late 2018 or early 2019 Christmas Gift

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    If you're like me and becoming a bit of a Bah Humbug as Christmas approaches this post might annoy you.

    However, you also might enjoy a very late Christmas 2108 gift or a stupidly early 2019 gift...
    The ebook version of The Christmas Castle Ghost (Izzie Firecracker 4) is FREE on Amazon until

    March 11th...

    Be afraid, be very afraid, 

    Well, maybe a bit scared - it's a tad tongue-in-cheek...

    Nab it on Amazon

  3. Newly released The Guru is now called Escape from Mystic Manor...

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    Yesterday over lunch - egg and chips, followed by a few squares of dark chocolate  - yummy - a new name for the new book popped into my head. I prefer it, and I hope you do...

    Scarlett King has been engaged to money-mad Peregrine Pratt for six years. When he asks her to move to spooky Mystic Manor her intuition screams NO. But Peregrine always gets hisEFMM3D

    Within hours, Scarlett discovers the house has a knife-wielding, false-teeth-clicking, crazy ghost. It’s the final nail in the relationship coffin. She flees to a Find Yourself seminar and falls in instant lust with the heart-stopping handsome course leader…

    When the hot hunk asks Scarlett to join him on a risky time-travel journey to a star-studded 1976 party, she isn’t sure if the attraction is mutual or if he’s using her. And would he persuade her if he resembled Quasimodo, not Casanova?

    Will Scarlett find true love…

    or untold danger, possibly death?

     Find out More