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  1. On a Sun Lounger with Jack Reacher... And FREE books...

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    At the moment, one of my books is part of a fab promotion -- The Write Stuff: Female Authors - All Genres. It's a fun and eclectic selection of thirty-five free ebooks and sample reads.  

    As a reader, I’m not loyal to genres, I like to flit between the shelves, butterfly fashion. Although I prefer all my books to have at least a light sprinkle of humour.  As a writer, I don’t (can’t) decide on a category until I upload the latest book then it’s a last-minute decision after much head scratching.  I don’t really ‘get’ genres to be honest as I find it hard to pigeonhole things.   However, whatever your reading joy -- thriller, romance, mystery, magic, fantasy or a heady mixture of all of them -- separately or flung together in one fun read, don’t miss out -- the promotion ends on June 16th.

    I find eBooks such a boon and a joy. I’ll never forget the weight of my past holiday suitcases... more books than clothes. 

    Tomorrow I plan to read my selection on the beach with a cold Pimms.  Reality check -- I’m in Scotland, and the forecast is cloudy, wet and chilly -- make that a sofa (or hot bath) clutching a hot cup of tea, with a side order of chocolate. 

     Mind you, it was sunny the other day, and I treated myself to a glass of iced tea and an hour in the garden with Jack Reacher on a sun lounger. ‘Must have been a big strong sun lounger,’ my brother quipped. 

    Where do you prefer to read? Let me know in the comments. 

    The Write Stuff is offering the first of my Izzie Firecracker series, The Last of the Family Diamonds -- which introduces the adventures of a zany London self-help guru and her clients. 

    Have a super, relaxing, and booky weekend. I’ll be back soon with another freebie, promotion, or news of my latest book, which I’m about half-way through.  Again, I’m not sure of its exact genre, but it is full of magic, fun, romance, and mystery.  

    I look forward to chatting with you soon.
    Stay happy,
    Jan xx

  2. A Book for Doris Day Fans

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    I read  The Thing About Jane Spring, by Sharon Krum, years ago, in bed recovering from a tummy bug, and it cheered me immensely. It’s an escapist tongue-in-cheek romp, with a deeper message.

    Here’s a brief synopsis...

    Jane Spring was raised by her father, a general. Punishment for disobedience was press-ups.

    Consequently, Jane, a lawyer, is a little regimented (understatement). She dresses like a man and never wears make-up. She can take orders, but she also gives them -- a lot! Potential suitors head for the hills and Jane can't figure out why

    One day she's confined to barracks, so to speak, during a blizzard. She watches some Doris Day re-runs and notices how Doris always gets her man. So Jane thinks that if she could be more like Doris...

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