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  1. Greetings from bonny Scotland!

     I hope all is well and happy in your world.

    A few goodies for you...

    My Victorian romantic comedy, Lady Adelia’s Secret is free on an Amazon near you until 25th August just before midnight PSD.

    Also, I just released updated versions of two novellas. They are now called Time-Travel Guru and Time-Travel Ghost in Scarlett King’s Romantic Adventures series. 

    In Time-Travel Guru, Scarlett attends a star-studded party in 1976.  In Time-Travel Ghost she's whisked to 1940s England and 1950s Hollywood. 

    To join Scarlett on her fun forays to the past, check out  Time-Travel Guru and  Time-Travel Ghost.

    And they are both in the Kindle Unlimited programme.

    Last but not least, I stay sane (relatively!) through my daily meditation practice. As a stress consultant, it’s the first thing I teach anxious clients.  However, they sometimes cancel their next appointment saying the meditation is so good they no longer need me: this is happy for my heart but not my bank balance!

    My meditation method is similar to the one used by the zany therapist in my Izzie Firecracker novels.  And the good news is...

    Izzie Firecracker’s Meditation Method is free on many bookseller sites.

    Wow! The sun has put its hat on. I'll grab a cuppa and a slice of buttered toast, foray into the garden and leave you to a peaceful Sunday.

    Stay happy, and I’ll blog again is September.

    Best wishes,

    Janet xx

  2. Hello again. Long time no blog!

    Despite 'all', I hope your summer is ticking along nicely...

    We’re having the usual July weather here in Scotland -- plenty of rain. The jokes run something like this...

    I love summer in Scotland. This year it was on a Monday. 

    But, mustn’t grumble, until the end of June, we had lots of lovely sunshine. And it’s the school holidays -- although this year most children have been home since April. Much as they are all little darlings, it can’t have been easy for many mums and dads.

    Not a mum myself, I have four step-grandchildren between the ages of one and six.  Judging from telephone reports and Facebook comments, homeschooling has been fun and frustrating in equal (or unequal!) measure.

    Observing from the safe sidelines, hubby and I are not sure who has been educating who. The other day, out of nowhere, our four-year-old granddaughter announced, in a Shakespearean tone, ‘Tonight, I will feast.’ It tickled me. 

    Anyway, I digress, let’s get on with this month’s goodies. 

    Over the Sea to Die, third in my Izzie Firecracker series, is free this weekend. It’s a romantic comedy sprinkled with plenty of tongue-in-cheek suspense. Oh, and with a touch of the paranormal. It begins in London then moves to the fictional Scottish Isle of Scree and is face-paced and fun. 

    I lived on The Isle of Skye for ten years so there are definitely a few parallels.

    Or you might prefer Second Chances and Zany Romances -- the  Izzie Firecracker four-book series in one bargain volume. It usually retails for £4.99 or your country’s equivalent. But for a few days, I’ve reduced it to 99p via a countdown deal.

    The rain just stopped, and the sun has popped its lovely head out of the clouds.  Time to grab a cuppa and my Kindle and retire to the sun lounger for a wee while. Bliss. 

    I won't leave it so long between blog posts next time.

    Stay happy and healthy.

    Jan xx

  3. Greetings from Scotland!

    I hope you’re okay during these trying times. Even some of the most relaxed people are finding it hard to stay calm. Therefore, I’ve made my Kick Anxiety eBook free until Tuesday 31st March at 11.59 pm PDT.

    Also, I recently released a novelette, I Can’t Go Back to Maplethorpe.  At the moment, it’s just 99p or equivalent. It’s a rom-com set in the 1970s and has a little story behind it...

    In the sixth form, my hubby’s mate, Dave announced, ‘A gorgeous girl has moved in with me.’

    ‘But you live with your parents,’ said my hubby.

    ‘I know. But Mum and Dad feel sorry for her.’


    Dave had met a pretty girl in a disco and invited her to tea the next day. After swallowing a bite of Victoria sponge,’ she burst into tears and said, ‘I can’t go back to Mablethorpe.’

    Turned out the girl hated life in her seaside town and had spent all her spare money on a few nights in London. And whenever someone suggested she should return home, she’d cry and reiterate, ‘I can’t go back to Mablethorpe.’

    ‘So, what happened to her?’ I asked my hubby a few years ago after he told me the story.

    He shrugged. ‘I don’t know.’

    I know – frustrating.

    So, I changed Mablethorpe (a real place on the east coast of England) to Maplethorpe (a faux seaside resort on the east coast and tapped away on the keyboard as  I Can’t Go Back to Maplethorpe appeared.

    That’s it for now, folks. 

    Stay happy and healthy, and I’ll see you soon.

    Janet xx