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  1. As a writer, I am in and out of KDP Select like a yo-yo -- have been since I published my first book, The Last of the Family Diamonds, two years ago. It's the first in the Izzie Firecracker 4-book series -- just typed '44' by mistake. I wish.Izzie13d

    KDP Select is the author-side-of-the-coin name for Kindle Unlimited, Amazon's paid library (sort of). You pay £7.99 (I believe $9.99 in the USA) to consume as many books as you can eat. Writers in the scheme get paid by page reads.

    The downside for writers is our books must be exclusive to Amazon for each 90-day term with no more than a 10% sample elsewhere. This rule is just for eBooks -- we can sell our audio and print versions of books enrolled in KDP Select as wide as we like.

    About to make my ebooks exclusive to Amazon (again) I pressed the 'delist ' button on Draft2Digital* (D2D) on 6th December -- a week ago.

    Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and others delisted my books within hours. Other places took a few days.

    But I am still waiting on Overdrive -- the online library service. I am slapping my head repeatedly as my books are currently locked in a half-way house -- not allowed into Kindle Unlimited and delisted from Apple etc.  Here's a screenshot taken yesterday (Bibliotheca now delisted)... 


    Note to self -- next time delist from Overdrive (and other slower sites) first and then delist the quick-to-comply sites at the last minute.

    Another lesson learned.

    This self-publish lark is a steep learning curve.

    But will I stop climbing soon?

    Not on your nelly.

    *D2D is an aggregator which uploads to many bookseller sites and online libraries and I can't recommend it highly enough.

    Want your book formatted beautifully for free? D2D is for you.

  2. Hello and a happy Tuesday

    Just a quicky to say Scarlett King and the Guru, first in my Reluctant Time Traveller series, is FREE on Amazon from today until this coming Thursday at 11.59 pm (Pacific Daylight Time). 

    It’s a mystical romantic adventure with a foray to a star-studded party in 1976. Mission? To rescue an endangered and renowned guru from an evil imposter.

    It's a somewhat tongue-in-cheek romp to the past. 

    So, don your flared trousers, dig out the love beads, burn some incense and enjoy. And be careful dancing on those platform soles. 

    Here in Scotland, the clocks went back on Sunday morning, so the sun (what’s that?) now sets at about 4.50 pm. Perfect for trick or treat!  

    However, today is lovely, and I spent a happy hour in the garden, albeit wrapped in about twelve layers, reading my Kindle. A cheeky wee robin visited, mainly interested in my scone, and flew away somewhat fatter than when he touched down. 

    Hmm. What else? Oh, yes. Most of my books are in the Kindle Unlimited programme, but will gradually come out between now and the end of November to be published wide (including Amazon). So, if you want to read any of them with your membership, now is the time.

    Have a happy week and a spooky Halloween

    Best wishes,

    Janet xx

  3. insta2209

    Second Chances and Zany Romances is reduced from £4.99 to 99p from now until Saturday. It's the complete Izzie Firecracker four-book series in one bumper volume: The wacky adventures of a zany London-based self-help guru and her clients...

    Available on Amazon UK and USA at this fab price

    Here's the blurb of the four books in order...

    The Last of the Family Diamonds. Within twenty-four hours, three desperate women turn to Izzie for help...

    The first, between fantasies of a sexy cowboy, wants to murder her husband... Before he steals the last of her confidence and fortune. The second wants her lentil-obsessed, manipulative boyfriend out of her life. He’s stuck to the sofa, and allergic to work. The third, still depressed after the death of her true love, finds her husband in bed... with the chauffeur.

    Izzie wants to help the new friends, but she unearths some nasty skeletons. It’s time to call Barry Brillo, a scruffy but shrewd private detective... 

    Can Izzie and Barry outwit a series of cads and bullies before someone loses their mind, money… or life?

    Movies, Mother and Murder.  Izzie is stony broke due to a failed investment. She has to vacate her luxury home and office. Pronto. To add insult to injury, her mum goes and dies.

    Izzie is at her lowest ever ebb when a drop-dead-handsome man, Bobby, telephones. He wants her in Las Vegas to run a self-help seminar in his decadent new hotel. Yes!

    Soon, Izzie and Bobby are at the mercy of Fingers Angelini… a mad mobster, out for blood… and therapy.

    Can Izzie and Bobby outwit the crazy gangster and escape with their lives, never mind their budding relationship?  

    Over the Sea to Die. Izzie meets a hot Highlander with a problem. A close family friend used to a fun-loving party girl but now spends her days on a windswept rocky shore, Bible in hand.  Eager to assist her newfound hunk in a kilt while exploring their budding romance, Izzie agrees to visit his family's Scottish castle. 

    At first, Izzie thinks the client is just  lonely and depressed. But she soon encounters darker influences, including a crazy ghost and a murderous husband. Then she and her client receive death threats written in real blood.

    What began as a romantic getaway with a slice of professional help becomes a toe-curling (not in a good way) investigation to find out what's happening. Before someone winds up feeding the fishies. 

    The Christmas Castle Ghost. Izzie is dreaming of a hot, sexy  holiday in Bora Bora when her new husband summons her to the Scottish Highlands...

    The family business, a castle hotel on the Isle of Scree, is short and funds. It can't refuse a wealthy American family who wants the 'Full Scottish Castle Experience' – complete with a festive ghost.

    But there is no ghost. Or is there? And none of the guests is intent on murder or embezzlement? Or are they?

    What Izzie presumed would be a quiet Christmas is anything but. She finds herself in a race against time to save the hotel – and a guest's life. 

    Available on Amazon UK and USA at this fab price

    Thanks for reading!

    Chat soon,

    Janet xx