I'm a bit of an entrepreneur at heart and not good at putting things in separate boxes, niche as it were. Variety is the spice and all that. That's why on my website, you can find my image and stress management services and e-books - both self-help and tongue-in-cheek novels with hidden depths.

I LOVE writing, however, although my readers are growing in number - a huge thanks to my fans and followers, I'm not exactly selling as many books as  Stephen King or Sophie Kinsella.

So to pay for my naughty chocolate habit (and the electricity bill!), I also have an eBay shop, The Treat Emporium. I'm adding to it all the time, but it's full of affordable girlie treats such as scarves, jewellery and the occasional book.

So help out a starving writer (slight fib) and have a wee browse of my goodies.

Oh, and if you like the cute boutique image to the right, it's courtesy of AnneliseArt