The Edwardian Dramedy Series Standalone fun forays to the past...

The Lost Duchess - Edwardian Dramedy 1

London, 1907. About teatime.

The Duke of Dalby is frantic. The duchess's carriage has returned without her. But the footman and coachman swear she was in it when they left Madame Fifi of Mayfair in the brougham.

Where can she be? What can have happened?

When an unpleasant letter arrives, the duke is in a race against time to save his beloved. 

A tongue-in-cheek Edwardian mystery short story of just under 6000 words. Perfect for a quick, fun escape.

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The Lost Duchess

The Emancipation of Emily - Edwardian Dramedy 2

Emily is bored, bored, bored with her middle-class marriage.

She wants to smash down the walls of convention, or at least break a window.

Her husband doesn't understand; After all, she has her exciting At Homes to preside over. Who wouldn't be thrilled with deadly dull gossip over the cucumber sandwiches?

When Emily gets two exciting and tempting offers one day, she doesn't know which to choose:

Both could lead to freedom. Both have elements of danger.

What is a respectable married lady to do?

A novelette of approx. 12,500 words

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Emancipation of Emily