Save on Kettlewell

Save Money on Kettlewell Clothing

Beware - discounts ahead!

Whether you already shop for beautifully styled and colourful clothes with Kettlewell Colours or are new to the brand, this page is well worth a read.

This excellent company (mail order only) sells clothes in a fantastic array of colours, with a range of perfect shades and styles for everyone.

Check the range here and then pop back to see how you can save.

Welcome back from your foray!

So, how can you save? It's easy. If I place the order on your behalf, you get 5% off your first and subsequent orders. And free postage, even if you only buy a scarf! And the goodies still goes directly to your home so that you can be wearing your lovely choices soonest.

You can also enjoy free returns on all UK orders.

To know how to go about this  happy and colourful ordering method, just contact me, Janet, and I will email you the very easy and straightforward details.

If you are already one of my clients, I will have details of your best colours and style on file and can also send you advice on which items in the range will best suit you. Win win!

Not a client and not sure what suits you? Why not book one of my colour or colour and style sessions. Here is the menu. You can choose face to face or online consultations.

Looking forward to hearing from you and having fun with colours!

Jan x