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  1. Out now on Amazon - including Kindle Unlimited...

    Meet the mobster terrified of Mom

    Wacky London therapist, Izzie Firecracker, is at a low ebb.  She is broke and has to vacate her luxury home and office.  Then her mum dies, leaving a mountain of teddy bears and years of clutter, both emotional and actualMMM-75%

    When things cannot get worse, they do. A beddable businessman summons Izzie to Vegas to run a self-help seminar in his shiny new hotel. However, all that shines is not silk. Soon after Izzie checks into her luxury suite, she falls into a scary world of gangsters, murder and mayhem.

    Can Izzie escape back to London alive, or at least in one piece, with her heart intact?

    A lighthearted caper where romantic comedy meets romantic suspense.

    Movies, Mothers and Murder is the second novel in the Izzie Firecracker series, but you can enjoy it as a standalone novel.

    Pour youself a glass of wine, open a box of choccies and download this fun Vegas romp on Amazon .

  2. I'm expecting to release my next book soon, latest May 12th - my birthday, I'm not saying which one, suffice to say I feel much younger than my actual age. The book took on a life of its own and I changed the title  from the original 'Second Chances' to Married and Murdered. It's a tongue-in-cheek romantic suspense with a touch of self-help. 

    Meanwhile, I have reduced the price of Izzie Firecracker at your favourite bookshop to get you in the mood for the new release.

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    Here is the cover. I hope you like it: