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  1. Time And ForeverTime And Forever by Susan B. James
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    I found this book when Susan and I were in the same time-travel books promo, and it hooked me from page one.

    Time and Forever is an exciting and romantic foray to the late 1960s London and Los Angeles with lots of witty and heartwarming moments. Treat yourself to a fun and interesting trip to the past --

    I'm glad I did.

    And there's a book two -- Maybe This Time -- hurrah!

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    PS. Click here to view the Time-Travel promotion

    Click here to view my time-travel series

  2. Greetings from bonny Scotland.

    I hope all is well in your world.

    Today, I have a new release, a spooky but fun Halloween freebie, 99p bargains and lots of romance giveaways for you. 

    Here we go. Drumroll...

    Witches of London book one, Angela’s Lashes, is £0.00 at Amazon stores until Thursday October 8th at 11.59 pm (PDT).  Also, most of my books are just 99p (or your country's equivalent) until this Saturday (10th).

    Claim Angela’s Lashes here.

    Also, I just released Time-Travel Gipsy, third in Scarlett Kings's Time-Travel Adventures series.  It's mainly set in 1960s Liverpool -- where I lived until 1967 when I was eight. I'm ancient -- but young at heart. Here’s a quick blurb...

    She visits 1960s Liverpool to solve a murder, save a romance…
    And do a spot of shopping...

    Content with her new house and husband, Scarlett is enjoying life. Until she discovers her aunt has died after years in a mental hospital pining a lost love.

    Fate hands Scarlett a chance to return to 1960s Liverpool, change history and save her aunt from a life of misery and her former gipsy boyfriend from death. 

    The good news is Scarlett’s husband will accompany her. The bad news is that murder is involved. 

    Get Time-Travel Gipsy today and join Scarlett on a fab time-travel trip to yesteryear Liverpool.

    And last but not least...

    Click this link or the image below to unveil your gratis Autumn binge-fest -- it's a varied romantic collection...

    Choose your books, put the kettle on, and curl up with your favourite hot drink and a slice of cake.

    I'll blog again soon with more goodies.


    Janet xx

  3. Greetings from bonny Scotland!

     I hope all is well and happy in your world.

    A few goodies for you...

    My Victorian romantic comedy, Lady Adelia’s Secret is free on an Amazon near you until 25th August just before midnight PSD.

    Also, I just released updated versions of two novellas. They are now called Time-Travel Guru and Time-Travel Ghost in Scarlett King’s Romantic Adventures series. 

    In Time-Travel Guru, Scarlett attends a star-studded party in 1976.  In Time-Travel Ghost she's whisked to 1940s England and 1950s Hollywood. 

    To join Scarlett on her fun forays to the past, check out  Time-Travel Guru and  Time-Travel Ghost.

    And they are both in the Kindle Unlimited programme.

    Last but not least, I stay sane (relatively!) through my daily meditation practice. As a stress consultant, it’s the first thing I teach anxious clients.  However, they sometimes cancel their next appointment saying the meditation is so good they no longer need me: this is happy for my heart but not my bank balance!

    My meditation method is similar to the one used by the zany therapist in my Izzie Firecracker novels.  And the good news is...

    Izzie Firecracker’s Meditation Method is free on many bookseller sites.

    Wow! The sun has put its hat on. I'll grab a cuppa and a slice of buttered toast, foray into the garden and leave you to a peaceful Sunday.

    Stay happy, and I’ll blog again is September.

    Best wishes,

    Janet xx