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  1. It’s been a while planning but at last I have a new full Colour Me Beautiful shop right here at You Are Gorgeous! 

    perfect match


    To celebrate, I am offering *FREE UK standard delivery on all orders over £30 up to midnight on October 31st

    It's new, it's modern, it's as up-to-date as it could possibly be and, I'm sure that you'll find the whole shopping experience amazingly quick and simple!

    Here are the key benefits:

    • Colour choice made easy - select your colouring type and view only the shades that suit you!
    • There's no need to complete your shopping all at once as your chosen items will stay in your basket for 72 hours.
    • You can view your 'purchase history' to make re-ordering easy
    • The video guides* for each colouring type demonstrate some simple application techniques

    If you're unsure of your colouring type please contact me for help. 

    Visit the newshop via the ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ link at the top of each page or click here.  As you will see you can select your colouring type from the hoime page and browse youir best shades and products.  

    And, any questions and I am just a click away

  2. Hello, again!              girl_with_shopping_bags_266969    
    Last time I promised you a mascara blog.  I did write one, but not on this site.  If you want to read my 'Confessions Of A Mascara Tart'  please click here. 
    For this blog, I thought it was best to let you know what is going on with this new(ish) site.  I am behind because I had to go and help my husband with a family holiday cottage business on Skye (more on that in another post)
    For over ten years our site was  womens-natural-health.com, which still exists but is not being added to. It has lots of tips, so you might enjoy a little browse.
    In case you are wondering what this new site is all about it consists of the following
    Discover your  best colours to wear in clothes and makeup. And the most flattering clothes for your body shape, scale and personality.  I can even tell you which shape and size handbag is best!
    After training for style and colour, with Colour Me Beautiful, my husband picked me up at Glasgow airport then we hit the shops. "I need to find a new handbag," I said, "This one doesn't suit me!"
    "How can a handbag not suit you?" he laughed
    "You wait and see" was my riposte.
    Once I had found my bag a short while later, he wasn't laughing. "But that's amazing," he said, "I can't believe that getting the right bag has improved the look of your entire outfit."
    Once you've had your style and colours analysed (might sound scary, but it's fun) you might want a wardrobe weed.  Together we keep the best and ditch the rest.  Sounds drastic, but often a few accessories can sort out many mistakes. Imagine opening your wardrobe and loving the contents, instead of raking through the rails and drawers with a feeling of doom!
    And finding the right lippy really lights up your face!
    If you live too far to Dunoon this a great option

    This blog will be updated regularly with tips and recommendations for image, style, beauty, natural health, and much more.
    Next time - a little about easy stress management and  the Power Method Meditation 
    That's it for today.  See you soon!  If there is something you'd like to see here, or added to the site, plese leave a message in the comment box.