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March into Spring - Free Books and Offers for You

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I have some yummy Spring offers and freebies for you...

For a few days, the first of Milly’s Magical Midlife series is free - and the follow-ups are 99 pennies on Amazon.co.uk and .com.
Follow Milly’s adventures when she escapes a humdrum marriage and inherits a posh London pad, a ghost, and a sassy talking cat. Oh, and falls for the ghost’s hunky son... 

Here are the links:


What else? Oh, yes, I just published the third book in my Touch of Magic series, 

Bullied into an arranged marriage in 1987, sad Sarah Sapp now mourns her lost love. Her escapes from misery are champagne, prescription drugs and her German Shepherd dog.

When her desperation reaches a crescendo, she sets fire to her husband's best suit. And wakes in a private mental-health clinic, sectioned and with no escape route.

‘I need a fairy godmother,’ she says. And, hey presto, Muriel Sparkle appears and sends Sarah back to 1987 for a do-over.

Will Sarah stand up to her grandfather and marry the man she loves? Or will she succumb to his blackmail again and destroy her last hope of happiness?

Download Sarah Sapp’s Second Chance (Available on Kindle Unlimited)


Featured Cozy Mystery 

Will Barbara's curiosity literally save the day or will it get her into deep trouble - possibly costing her her job?

"I enjoyed this mystery which was an action packed page turner with some surprises at the end."

Buy Pumpkin Spice & Deadly Heist today or read via Kindle Unlimited.


Free Book Promotions


Thanks for reading this blog. I wish you health, happiness and many wonderful reading hours.

Janet x


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