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I am still in post-Christmas procrastination mode. So, instead of organising an Amazon or Facebook ad (groan) I wrote down, without stopping to think, twenty books I've loved.

And here they are. Drumroll...

The Thorn Birds

Rachel's Holiday

The Boys from Brazil


The Big Picture

Tell no One

Rosie Meadows Regrets

Hotel du Lac

All Quiet on the Western Front

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Tell No One

Mrs Pettigrew Lives for a Day

I Capture the Castle

The Thirty-Nine Steps

The Rich are Different



Ballet Shoes

Jennings Goes to School

Anne of Green Gables 

PS. I reread the children's books as an adult.  

What books instantly pop into your head? Please reply in the comments.

Right, now to make (another) mug of tea and do something worthy...

Like watch Ugly Betty. 

Bye for now,

Jan xx

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