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Hello, and welcome to our new online home. Our old site was a dinosaur and became extinct!  I am Janet, the director of Calmer Ltd, trading as You Are Gorgeous!  ‘Director’ sounds grander than it is – in truth, there is just me with the occasional helping hand.  I mention this so you know you will be getting old-fashioned personal service.
What is ‘You Are Gorgeous!”? Quite simply it’s one-stop for looking and feeling your best for less: Gorgeous Image and Lifestyle services, and a shop of image enhancing goodies.   I am a bit of a bargain-hunter, and my speciality is sourcing yummy things at gorgeous prices, and I will pass the savings onto you. Hurrah!
There will also be gorgeous stuff that I will have to get for the shop, whatever the cost (within reason!) I just mention that in case you ever think my calculator, or brain, is broken when you see the price of the occasional ‘had to haves’!
As well as goodies from our shop we will also be recommending fabulous items from other suppliers, within this blog.  For example, in the next post, I will let you into the secret of what I think is the best mascara of all time.  And as a mascara tart, that means a lot!
So, what is all this about champagne?  If you see anything you like in our onsite shop*  before midnight on 30th September,  enter the enter the code ‘champagne2’ at checkout (case sensitive, and without the punctuation) to receive a gorgeous 15% off – valid until just before midnight on 30th September. (This will not apply to any recommended third party productsI)
Have fun - and see you soon with some mascara tips and recommendations, from budget to high-end. 
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